Letter to New Hotel Managers

While I don’t claim to be any professional, I do like to think that I have some knowledge on how to manage a hotel. This is a letter I wrote to new hotel managers, as a management consultant. Becoming a consultant is something I am very interested in doing.

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Consistent Quality Through Management Change in Hotels

Everyone Has to Adapt

Management changes can sometimes help a hotel tremendously but they can also bring a hotel down the drain. It all depends on the person and if they are able to change. (It also depends if they are simply a good manager or not!) Some people are really set in their ways and are unable to change and these are the types of people who should avoid becoming a manager. If you’re not flexible with your ideas or your style of working, then becoming a manager may not be for you! Old habits die hard, but in order to succeed in running a hotel one must be very flexible.

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Consistent Quality Through Management Change in Hotels

Different Hotel, Different Employees

    According to Yungsoo Choi, author and conductor of ‘A Case Study into the Benefits of Management Training Programs: Impacts on Hotel Employee Turnover and Satisfaction Level’, “The hospitality industry is a highly  guest service–oriented business where encounters between employees and guests determine the success of the business.” It is with utmost importance that employees and guests share a good experience with each other. That can usually only happen when employees are happy with their job and work environment.

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Consistent Quality Through Management Change in Hotelss

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw


Almost everyone has that one hotel or restaurant that they love until one day, as if by magic, it completely changes. This is usually because the owner or manager changes. While some hotel managers are able to adapt to different hotels, others are stuck in their ways and that is where the problem lies.  Every hotel is different and so the way of managing that hotel needs to be different as well. So, how exactly do hotels keep the same quality when management changes? Some managers believe that they can use their same managing style at any hotel which can cause a lot of problems. The manager has to understand the demographic of both the guests and the employees of the hotel and adapt their management style to fit that.

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Customer Service is Key

Customer service is the backbone in all of the hospitality industry. One might choose a hotel for it’s location and look, but one remembers the hotel based on the service. The workers at hotels help give guests positive experiences. When looking at reviews for hotels, you will notice that almost all of the comments are on how they were treated and accommodated. Of course, there will always be one or two people complaining about the rooms. However, if there is good customer service, most guests will be offered to switch rooms.

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Finding the Best Hotel for You

Most people research their hotel before booking it – or at least, hire someone to do so. This is for good reason. Nothing ruins a vacation quite like a hair in the tub or having your booking canceled. It is especially important to research your hotel if it is in a foreign country. You can’t imagine the stress of something going wrong with your hotel in a country where you don’t speak the language.
I have compiled a list of reliable and credible sources for those of you traveling in Europe (although most of them are applicable in America as well!)

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